NGACO Model Adjustments for COVID-19

NGACO Model Adjustments for COVID-19

Washington D.C. (June, 2020) – The NGACO Coalition’s Feedback on Model Adjustments for COVID-19 (excerpt)

On behalf of the Next Generation ACO Coalition, we write to thank you for the flexibilities you have implemented, including extending Next Gen for 2021, and request additional modifications to the program to bolster the move to performance-based risk.

Next Gen is currently the most advanced model in the CMS Innovation Center’s performance-based risk portfolio. The model tests higher levels of financial risk, reward, and accountability for patient populations. Since 2016, Next Gen ACOs have been leading the health care system’s transformation from volume to value.

Next Gens have rapidly deployed care coordination and care management services to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and care for patients with chronic conditions who are under stay-home orders. Examples include…

The full feedback document is available here.